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Nhóm nhỏ các nhân viên của Trụ sở chính và đội ngũ lớn các nhà sản xuất của Thành phố mang 48HFP đến các thành phố hàng năm. Nhóm cá nhân này đến từ nhiều nguồn gốc khác nhau và từ nhiều quốc gia khác nhau nhưng mọi người đều cam kết làm cho 48HFP vui vẻ, công bằng và sáng tạo.

Mark Ruppert Creator / Executive Producer

Mark came up with the idea for the 48 Hour Film Project back in 2001. As a filmmaker in his own right, Mark's belief in the power of creativity led him to challenge filmmakers to see what they can do in a single weekend.

The results have been phenomenal as the 48 Hour Film Project has found a place in 130 cities around the world--with more than 325,000 people having participated to date, creating more than 25,000 films.

Mark heads the international organization that runs the 48 Hour Film Project, coordinating more than 110 producers around the world. Mark's producing experience includes films, theater and special events. He has emceed award shows, international forums and his own talk/variety show.

Liz Langston Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Langston co-founded the 48HFP back in 2001. After years as a nerdy researcher she found that making movies was much more fun. Even she is surprised that spreading this love of filmmaking has met with such a large response. In 2011 Langston launched a spin-off 48HFP project – the 48 Music Video Project, and in 2012, launched the 48 Horror Project, which is rapidly spreading worldwide.

She manages the 48HFP; develops new opportunities; oversees marketing, social media, and public relations; engages with the press; and biennually spearheads the 48HFP's Film Festival, Filmapaplooza. She lives in Albuquerque, where she also produces the local 48HFP Film Project. She frequently attends film festivals and travels to 48HFP cities to connect with filmmakers and City Producers.

Christina Ruppert Director of Operations

Ruppert manages the day-to-day operations of the 48HFP, helps our City Producers manage their cities, documents and improves procedures, updates our website, and manages projects that involve the rest of the HQ staff. She lives with her husband Michael and sons Patrick and Charlie in Washington, DC.

Laura Schlecht Director of Web Operations

Laura is an actress, director and producer - having worked on numerous projects for both stage and screen. She currently resides in Houston and is involved with many local arts organizations.

Laura maintains the 48 Hour Film website and assists the rest of HQ with the day-to-day operations of the project.

Brian Bowers Asst. Dir. of Oper. / Newsletter Editor

Brian is responsible for hiring new city producers in the US and internationally. He works with existing 48HFP Producers to help manage their cities, assists with social media outreach, and writes the monthly e-newsletter. He is the Producer for the Cleveland, OH 48HFP.

City Producers

Aaron Johnston Columbus, OH

Afonso Fontão Castelo Branco, PT

Agnieszka Sękowska Warsaw, PL

Akram Moncer Tunis, TN

Alan Shelley Cape Town, ZA

Alessandro Pederzoli Mexico

Alex Espinoza Dallas, TX

Alex Guéry Tours, FR

Alexander Garcia New Orleans, LA

Alexis Keenan San Francisco, CA

Alyne Harding Austin, TX

Angela de Hart - van Megen Nijmegen, NL

Anthony Ambrosino Providence, RI

Anthony Paderewski Savannah, GA

Austin Madrid Albuquerque, NM

Aymen Moncer Tunis, TN

Bachir Abou Zeid Beirut, LB

Bart Dokter Leeuwarden, NL

Ben Guaraldi Boston, MA

Ben Hlavaty Oklahoma City, OK

Benjamin Johnson Durban, ZA

Bill Rainey New Orleans, LA

Blerina Berberi Halifax, CA

Brian Bowers Cincinnati, OHCleveland, OH

Brian Higgins Salt Lake City, UT

Brian Spath Saint Louis, MO

Bruce Sales Asheville, NC

Camilla Demichelis Mexico

Carlos Llanten Santiago de Cali, CO

Carolina Victoria Bogota, CO

Cassandra Eddington Adelaide, AU

Celeste Harlow Minneapolis, MN

Chad Thomas Louisville, KY

Chris Overpeck Indianapolis, IN

Christopher Cherry Toronto, CA

Claudia Fernandez Ibero-America CineXpress

Corey Taylor Las Vegas, NV

David Duponchel Lima, PE

David J. V. Schöbl Brno, CZ

Dennis Martinus Bonaire

Deontae Trundle Atlanta, GA

Dolores Marimón Córdoba, AR

Duane Trammell San Diego, CA

Elena Bultot Brest, FRClermont-Ferrand, FRCôte d'Azur, FR • and 7 more

Ester Stigliano Rome, IT

Eva Basteiro-Bertoli Rome, IT

Florencia Sader Punta del Este, UY

Genevieve Assaf Warsaw, PL

Graham Trelfer London, GB

Gregory Miroir Brussels, BE

Gus Guillen San Jose, CA

Hans Groenendijk Rotterdam, NL

Hisham Samie Cape Town, ZA

Iris Carter Greensboro, NC

James Lewis Washington, DC

Janice Troha Cincinnati, OHCleveland, OH

Jasper Joosten Rotterdam, NL

Javier Valencia Palomino Arequipa, PE

Jeannette Rainey Hampton Roads, VA

Jeff Hahn Little Rock, AR

Jennifer Bonior Nashville, TN

Jennifer Gentner Detroit, MI

Jerry Vasilatos Chicago, IL

Jessica Turner Indianapolis, IN

Joaquin Ibarra Córdoba, AR

Joe Lujan Las Vegas, NV

Jonathan Hout Lynchburg, VA

Jordan Lema Buffalo, NY

Josefina Cabrera Borges Buenos Aires, AR

Katherine Thompson Madison, WI

Katie Ortman Des Moines, IA

Keira Marti Austin, TX

Kelsey Huber Minneapolis, MN

Kendra Crooks Albuquerque, NM

Khayyam Khalid Karachi, PK

Kristen Hamill Adelaide, AU

Kristin Nolan Denver, CO

krk nordenstrom Seattle, WA

Kyle Snavely Orlando, FL

Lance Parkin Pittsburgh, PA

Landee Bryant Paducah, KY

Laura Schlecht Houston, TX

Leanne Westphal Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Giles Richmond, VA

Liz Langston Albuquerque, NM

Louise Knowles EdinburghGlasgow

Margriet Windt Utrecht, NL

Maria Gracia San Martin Punta del Este, UY

Maria Leśnodorska Warsaw, PL

Martin Oberhaus Berlin, DE

Matilda Casa Brussels, BE

Matt Grehan Brisbane, AUMelbourne, AU

Meralney Bomba Bonaire

Michael Keeney Madison, WI

Michael Westphal Los Angeles, CA

Monde Kawana Cape Town, ZA

Natalie Delport Durban, ZAJohannesburg, ZA

Nathan LaBrusciano Philadelphia, PA

Neal Hartman Geneva, CHLausanne, CH

Olivier Dussausse Brest, FRBrussels, BEClermont-Ferrand, FR • and 8 more

Paul Ratner Prague, CZ

Petra Ratner Prague, CZ

Phillip Russell New York, NY

Pierre van Megen - de Hart Eindhoven, NLNijmegen, NL

Preeti Gopalkrishnan Mumbai, IN

Radka Poláková Beránková Brno, CZ

Ramses Petronia Curaçao

Ricardo Mendes Lisbon, PT

Richard Schut Amsterdam, NLUtrecht, NL

Richard Trombly Shanghai, CN

Robert Dragot Tirana, AL

Robin Amatmoestar Curaçao

Robyn Sarvis San Diego, CA

Rodrigo Fernandez Miranda Cochabamba, BOLa Paz, BO

Roelton Thode Bonaire

Roma Triunfo Buenos Aires, AR

Ruthy Draper Pittsburgh, PA

Ryota Mori Osaka, JPTokyo, JP

Sam Goldblatt EdinburghGlasgow

Sarabeth Fox San Antonio, TX

Stephanie Cristancho Washington, DC

Steve Nash Toronto, CA

Tania Innamorati Rome, IT

Trish Clark New Haven, CT

Tsogtbayar Namsrai Mongolia

Vanessa Arguedas Ibero-America CineXpress

Walter Vinci Providence, RI

Warren Matson Milwaukee, WI

Wendy Robbins Tampa, FL

William Fisher Charlotte, NC

Yogi Chopra Mumbai, IN

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